Call on the EU to strengthen SSH research and improve its integration in FP9.
Double Investment in Research, Innovation and Education. The plea of University Associations and National Research Performing Organisations
EASSH has joined several European organisations for a joint statement to Double the FP9 Budget.
#Double FP9 Budget - A successful campaign
We would like to thank the large number of you who responded to the EASSH Twitter campaign #DoubleFP9budget.
Future UK-EU research partnership: Royal Society and Wellcome Trust invite your views
The Royal Society and the Wellcome Trust invite your thoughts for the Future Partnership Project.
EASSH welcomes new members - We need your voice
In May EASSH launched a campaign for new members and wants to encourage associations, universities, research centres and institutions to join the Alliance.
EASSH General Assembly - 2-3 November 2017
A warm thank you to all our members who could take part in the General Assembly last Friday.