Many of the most significant challenges we face in Europe have their roots in social, political, and economic life. The European Alliance of Social Sciences and Humanities (EASSH) invites learned societies, research centres and alliances, national alliances for the humanities and/or the social sciences, and universities to join the Alliance.

Impact for members

  • Agenda setting – acknowledged adviser to the European institutions
  • Knowledge sharing and strong engagement with STEM umbrella organisations and disciplinary associations
  • Networking opportunities for members
  • Strategic initiatives at national and European levels in Science & Technology and Education policies.

Impact for EU institutions & member states

  • One-stop shop for the Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH)
  • An adviser for SSH integration into policy at a national and international level
  • International cooperation through EASSH’s broad membership
  • EASSH as a trusted adviser and member of different expert groups
  • A tool to mobilise national resources for SSH
  • A supporter of national strategies for Science & Technology and Education policies
  • A contributor to major policy issues: the European Research Area and European Higher Education Area and Higher Education Transformation Agenda.

Impact for foundations and the private sector

  • Access to excellent international research in the SSH
  • Access to the largest database for SSH journals (ERIH Plus)
  • Access to emerging research in key areas (e.g. the World Pandemic Research Network (WPRN), a directory for societal impacts of COVID-19)
  • Gain in competitiveness:
  • Research evidence for company development and social innovation
  • Inspiration for innovative strategies
  • Increase your competitiveness in Europe and worldwide
  • Networking for outreach of your foundation’s work.

Reasons for joining

The social sciences and humanities in Europe are unmatched across the world in their quality and above all their scope. They represent an indispensable resource for European and world societies.

The social sciences and humanities research communities have a proven record of delivering world-class insights into these challenges and of engaging effectively with policy makers to harness these insights for the betterment of society.

We welcome new member organisations eager to support the Alliance in this work and to extend its scope. EASSH therefore invites all participants in the social science and humanities community to join the association and contribute to policy discussion not only at European level but among national systems in Europe too.

How to join

All enquires to Gabi Lombardo, Director of EASSH (

Please join the European Alliance of Social Sciences and Humanities and help us to promote the role of the social sciences and humanities in advancing research and in supporting stronger and more informed policy engagement.