Horizon 2020
SSH integration in Horizon 2020: Lessons for Horizon Europe
EASSH recommends four crucial steps: 1) A European Social Platform needs to be established to complement the existing 41 ETPs to create efficient communication between the SSH community and the EC, which EASSH would be happy to host 2) Co-design of calls & topics (here also a trusted ETP platform for structural consultation and SSH input in the process would be highly valuable) 3) Clear evaluation criteria to make the SSH component compulsory in flagged topics 4) Panels of experts from different disciplinary backgrounds across the whole programme.

Mission Covid-19: Global problems need a research portfolio approach
EASSH calls for European policymakers and funding agencies to ensure that all domains of research are mobilised to address the challenges of Covid-19, using a mission-type “portfolio approach” of projects and disciplines.

Research Investment
Resources for clusters in Horizon Europe
EASSH calls on Member states to maintain the ambition to transform European society by investing no less than 1.11% GDP in Europe. Such investment will support investment of a minimum of €98bn in Research, Innovation and Education, which can be transformative.

Horizon 2020
EASSH Response to EC Consultation on Horizon Europe (September 2019)
EASSH continues to support the focus on a strong and well-resourced Pillar. We support a coherent set of equitably resourced clusters, which retain a central focus on addressing citizens’ concerns. Social sciences and humanities are scholarly fields on a par with medicine or engineering, for example. The contributions made by researchers in SSH must be assessed by suitably qualified experts.

SSH Integration
Interdisciplinary perspectives for Horizon Europe: Lessons from the 4th SSH Integration Monitor Report
EASSH welcomes the continued commitment of the European Commission to integrate SSH expertise and to continue evaluating the quality of such integration. However, in the four years of monitoring Horizon 2020 (2012-2017), the integration of SSH across the societal challenges has remained very weak.

Research Impact
Improving Research Impact Assessment in Horizon Europe: A Perspective from the Social Sciences and Humanities
In this paper, the Alliance recommends that to best capture the impact of research, researchers must be enabled to use a diversity of methods, data sources and forms of explaining the impact of their projects. EASSH invites the European Commission to capture impact not project by project, but on the wider terrain of the overall calls’ aims.