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EASSH is the largest advocacy and science policy organisation for the social sciences and humanities in Europe. 

The alliance has over 65 member organisations including a wide range of disciplinary areas, stakeholders and universities from across Europe - and encompassing over 100 000 researchers. 

Member list Joining EASSH


Wed 21 Apr 2021

Horizon Europe and the Humanities: What to expect?

This webinar aims to build understanding of the programme and raise awareness of how the arts and humanities are present in it across all three pillars.

Wed 31 Mar 2021

ISSUES e-magazine from Net4Society

The second edition of ISSUES e-magazine presents a new series of well-qualified researchers in the EU and their research background.

Mon 22 Mar 2021

Launch of the CHANSE Call

Transformations: Social and Cultural Dynamics in the Digital Age. Deadline May 7, 2021.

Position Papers

SSH integration in Horizon 2020: Lessons for Horizon Europe

EASSH recommends four crucial steps: 1) A European Social Platform needs to be established to complement the existing 41 ETPs to create efficient communication between the SSH community...

Mission Covid-19: Global problems need a research portfolio approach

EASSH calls for European policymakers and funding agencies to ensure that all domains of research are mobilised to address the challenges of Covid-19, using a mission-type “portfolio...

Resources for clusters in Horizon Europe

EASSH calls on Member states to maintain the ambition to transform European society by investing no less than 1.11% GDP in Europe. Such investment will support investment of a minimum...

How EASSH works

EASSH draws on the global international expertise and insight of its members, informing and influencing European policy- and decisionmakers.

Working groups bring SSH research and knowledge into the public debate, and strengthen European research and cooperation among public and private partners.