EASSH is a membership organisation made up of scientific networks, associations, disciplinary groups and universities.

The main purposes of EASSH are to promote learning and research in the social sciences and humanities (SSH) as a resource for Europe and the world, and to engage with policymakers and research funders in support of the social sciences and humanities.

What EASSH does

EASSH provides a platform for engagement among its member organisations and for the promotion of a shared commitment to the advancement of the social sciences and humanities in Europe and in the member states of the European Union.

EASSH provides a channel for information, ideas, policy proposals and consultations shared between its member organisations and policy makers, advisers, public–private partnerships, administrators and practitioners.

EASSH engages with policy institutions on the design, implementation and oversight of multi-national and European research programmes.

EASSH promotes the role of the social sciences and humanities in support of more informed, innovative, cohesive, sustainable and resilient societies.

EASSH provides a coherent voice in science policy from a SSH perspective in Europe and beyond.

How EASSH works

EASSH draws on the expertise and insight of its member organisations working through the Alliance’s annual General Assembly.

EASSH establishes working groups to bring more focused expertise from across the social sciences and humanities to bear on public debate, so as to strengthen European research and to improve interactions among public and private partners.

EASSH works through its Governing Board to engage with policymakers and public and private agencies in support of the actions agreed in the General Assembly.