2021-11-04 02:30 PM
EASSH has joined forces with 24 other research organisations and signed an open letter to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. The open letter is an urgent call for a successful UK association to Horizon Europe.

"Now is the time for swift and decisive action. Further delays or even non-association would result in a missed opportunity and a major weakening of our collective research strength and competitiveness. We urge the European Commission and UK Government to work towards a successful UK association to Horizon Europe, to safeguard this valuable and mutually beneficial R&I cooperation."

The signatories of this urgent call represent the European Union’s research and innovation community and represent:

  • 1,000 universities and universities of applied sciences
  • 56 academies of science
  • 38 research performing and funding organisations
  • 33 rectors’ conferences
  • 120 regional organisations.

Read the full letter.