2018-07-12 01:02 PM
A superb panel of speakers are hosted by EASSH at ESOF.

The session focuses on "The politics of science: funding social sciences & humanities around the world?" and the objective is designed to create engaged discussion and exchange on the “Politics of Science” and the position of and possibilities for the social sciences and humanities building upon the perspectives of experts drawn from diverse professional sectors in the social sciences and humanities.

Our speakers are (in alphabetical order) J. P. Bourguignon, President of ERC; F. J. Levine Executive Director of the American Educational Research Association; J. Harrington, SSH Portfolio Manager at Wellcome Trust, P. Holm EASSH President, P. Rübig MEP and Chairman of STOA the European Parliament Committe for Science and Technology Option Assessment and A. Tash UNESCO SSH.

The session is on Friday 13 July at 10.15 in the Mercure Hotel, Pic du Midi and the overview of our session is in the programme.

See also a brief announcement by the American Educational Research Association here.