2023-10-19 06:45 AM
On 11 September, EASSH was invited to present some guiding principles for the next European funding programme for research and innovation (FP10).

The programme will start in 2028 and will succeed the current Horizon Europe programme.

EASSH’s short statement focused on redirecting European funding investment towards research that delivers for the citizens of Europe: 

“A guiding principle needs to be a Social Europe, served by research in SSH disciplines and embedded from the outset in the design of FP10. Core values to uphold are Relevance, Quality, and Inclusiveness.” – EASSH Director, Gabi Lombardo 

EASSH was one of several invited science stakeholders and the only one representing social sciences and humanities. ERAC members present were delegates from EU member states and the Commission.

As a follow-up to the meeting, EASSH prepared written feedback for the task force.

The meeting was organised by the European Research Area and Innovation Committee (ERAC) task force on FP10. ERAC is the EU's strategic policy advisory committee on topics related to research and innovation (R&I) within the European Research Area (ERA). EASSH is also an official stakeholder of ERA.

Read the position paper.


Original news item from September, updated in October 2023.