2017-12-15 10:56 AM
The Royal Society and the Wellcome Trust invite your thoughts for the Future Partnership Project.

This project will draw on the experience of individuals and organisations to deliver a framework for a future UK-EU research partnership which is achievable, creative and valuable. This will support rapid progression to an agreement which works for both sides, and lays the groundwork for implementation.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Both the UK and the EU have set out positive and ambitious visions for the future of this relationship, with the UK’s science and innovation paper and EU ambitions for Framework Programme 9. It is now time to take the next step and explore what an “ambitious and close partnership for research and innovation” would look like in practice.

The attached consultation overview provides further details, and we would like to hear a wide range of perspectives, including those based on personal experience as well as specific expertise. Our evidence gathering has two parts, and you are welcomed to provide input at any level:

Please help us to gather the widest possible range of views to inform this project, by bringing it to the attention of those with an interest in this area.


We value any input on some or all of the following questions, with use of examples and references wherever possible. Please submit your responses, either as a Word document or by email to europe@wellcome.ac.uk by 8 January 2018.

Q1. Thinking of existing models, agreements, or international partnerships, what features have made them a success?

Q2. What elements must be included in the agreed research and innovation partnership between the UK and the EU to be close and valuable? Please comment on how these would be prioritised.

Q3a. What practical steps are needed to realise the overall model you describe in Q2?

b. Thinking about the wider negotiating environment, what factors are likely to affect the ability to implement a shared vision on research and innovation?

If you have any questions please contact Sam Alvis, Wellcome or Eleanor Beal, Royal Society.