2017-07-04 08:15 AM
The recommendations of the Lamy’s Group is that Europe needs its world class research, it needs to be better at innovating and Europe’s citizens must be allowed to play a bigger role.

On 3 July 2017, the High Level Group led by P.  Lamy presented the recommendations for the next Framework Programme in a Conference called Shaping our Future

As one of the stakeholder groups interviewed by the Lamy Group EASSH is pleased that our key recommendations were adopted in the HLG report.

EASSH has called for the EU Framework programmes to maintain support for world leading research whether through the European Research Council or Marie Sklodowska Curie programmes or in collaborative research. The report highlights clearly the need to integrate SSH research in all missions. More importantly, the report encourages “where the big social questions of our time, for example having rewarding work in an era of robotics, living and working well together in culturally diverse cities or ensuring equal opportunities in and fair benefits from an innovative society, SSH researchers will initiate and lead them.”

EASSH supports these high level ambitions but recognises that more work will be needed to develop the Group’s recommendations and to design a new programme, which will see the realisation.

EASSH thus requests the development in the next Framework Programme of an ambitious collaborative research programme, which will address the social dimension of the challenges for future of European democracies and societies.

EASSH also calls all European disciplinary associations to contribute to the definition of crucial missions on the basis of the most cutting edge research in SSH.