The Working Group of Horizon 2020 of the ITRE committee invited EASSH to an exclusive meeting on Social sciences and cultural and creative industries in H2020. Implementation of Challenge 6 and mainstreaming social sciences into pillars II and III.

The meeting is part of the work that the group is doing in preparation for the ad interim evaluation of H2020.

EASSH sent a paper with three key points: European social science and humanities research is world leading; The Horizon 2020 integration approach of the challenges is not delivering as envisaged; The greatest challenges faced by Europe are social, political, cultural, and economic, therefore a better understanding of the dynamic forces affecting these challenges need commitment by the EU of long-term strategic investment. 

At the meeting, prof Helena Sousa President of the School of Social Sciences at the University of Minho presented a paper (link) and Adalheidur Jonsdottir from Net4Society presented a view from the community on H2020< The other two presentations at the meeting were delivered by Robert Jan Smits, Director General of Research and Innovation and Martine Reicherts, Director General of Education and Culture.

Net4Society's Presentation
Prof Helena Sousa's Presentation

Download paper (pdf)