Webinar: Scientific Data about Society in Ukraine

22 May 2023

The webinar aimed to be a mutual learning opportunity for involvement of Ukraine in research infrastructures. It addressed research infrastructure-practitioners, funders from the European, national and private level as well as delegates from ESFRI and national research infrastructures.

It gave the floor to research infrastructures that had already started cooperation with Ukraine to talk about their lessons learnt and the challenges encountered.

The webinar also intended to highlight the potential impact of social sciences and humanities research infrastructures for different policy areas. It highlighted current funding gaps and opportunities. The discussion was concluded by a proposal for next steps in collaboration in the near future.

Report from the webinar (pdf)

List of speakers (pdf)

Programme (pdf)

Speakers and presentations

  • Dejan Dvorsek, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission, DG RTD/A.4
    Impacts of war on Ukraine’s R&I ecosystem
    Download presentation slides (pdf)
  • Natalia Kharchenko, Director, Kyiv International Institute of Sociology
    Survey in times of war in Ukraine
    Download presentation slides (pdf)
  • Yana Leontiyeva, Ph.D., Head of Department, Czech Social Science Data Archive
    Supporting social science data archiving in Ukraine
    Download presentation slides (pdf)
  • Brienna Perelli-Harris, Professor of Demography, University of Southampton
    Generations and Gender Survey in Ukraine
    Download presentation slides (pdf)
  • Jurgita Vaičenonienė, National coordinator of CLARIN-LT
    Anna Kryvenko, Institute of Contemporary History (Slovenia) & NISS (Ukraine)
    CLARIN ERIC: Initiatives supporting Ukrainian researchers and language resource and technology development
    Download presentation slides (pdf)