Framework Programme
FAB – LAB – APP: The perspective of the European Alliance for SSH on the HLG Report
The HLG’s work on the next Framework Programme emerges in a very fragile political environment, where humanitarian crisis, political fragility, populism and deep societal changes are among the most pressing issues for Europe’s future.

Programme Impact
EC High Level Group invites EASSH to co-design FP9
On Tuesday 6 June, the EC High Level Group led by Pascal Lamy has invited EASSH among the stakeholders for a discussion on Maximising the Impact of EU Research and Innovation Programmes.

SSH Integration
EC Forth SSH Stakeholders meeting, 10 May 2017: EASSH revisits the DGRI Issue Papers for the HLG
On 10 May 2017, the European Commission invited EASSH and other SSH stakeholders to discuss the State of play of Societal challenge 6 and Integration of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) in Horizon 2020.

Horizon 2020
EASSH welcomes the ITRE Committee's observations on SSH research
The European Alliance for SSH welcomes the publication of the latest report of the ITRE Committee on the assessment of Horizon 2020 and a proposal for Framework Programme 9.

SSH Integration
EASSH Response to the EC Second Report on the Integration of SSH in H2020
The European Alliance for SSH has compared the first two reports that the European Commission published analysing the integration of SSH in the the Leadership Programme and in the Societal Challenge.

Horizon 2020
EASSH position paper on the Ad interim review of Horizon 2020 to the High Level Experts Group
The European Alliance of SSH has submitted its position paper on the evaluation of Horizon 2020.