Societal Challenges
Oversubscription: Is the Two Stage Process a Solution?
The Societal Challenges received a exceptional high number of applications which made the success rates drop.

Societal Challenges
Evaluation in H2020 Societal Challenges
In this paper we set out some observations based on the experiences of EASSH evaluators and reviewers in the first rounds of calls in Horizon 2020 and ask whether the process for evaluation in the Societal Challenges should form a part of the upcoming ad interim review of Horizon 2020.

European Partnerships
EASSH and LERU Statement to Member States to continue supporting European Partnerships addressing major social and human issues
The European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities (EASSH) and the League for European Research Universities (LERU) would like to draw your attention on our joint statement about the strong need for continued support for European Partnerships to address major social and human issues in the framework of Horizon Europe. The joint statement has benefitted from a contribution by Academia Europea.