SSH in Horizon Europe - an historical result
On 10 december 2020, the European budget was finally approved. This includes also the budget for Horizon Europe for research, innovation and education.
EASSH endorsed Rescue Horizon Europe
EASSH has joined scientists around Europe and endorsed the open letter to President Von der Leyen to support the investment in Horizon Europe.
UNESCO Conference "Humanities and Social Sciences for Sustainability“
During this online conference, a group of leading international experts will present and discuss strategies to strengthen the humanities and social sciences in sustainability research and policies.
Mr Paquet to open EASSH General Assembly - 06 November 2020
EASSH General Assembly is confirmed on 6 November 2020.
EASSH expresses deep concerns about the current budget developments regarding Horizon Europe
EASSH members are deeply concerned that Horizon Europe risks developing only partial solutions if the huge imbalance in research funding is not addressed.
The global Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the true value of excellent research, innovation and education.