Webinar – Global Perspectives on Supporting Research Translation (5 June)
The webinar will bring together research funding and performing organisations across continents (EU, UK, US) to share how they support effective knowledge translation. It will also explore how this could be done better globally.
Monitoring SSH integration still matters – Position paper online
As the most recent monitoring report has shown, integration of SSH varies in intensity, roles, and outcomes across the framework programme. More needs to be done to make this integration effective across the board.
Research Evaluation – Workshop report published!
On 23 February 2024, EASSH hosted a workshop on research evaluation. The aim of the workshop was to facilitate meaningful discussion and foster mutual exchange on research assessment methods.
#StrongerTogether: Belgian Presidency Conference, 6–7 May 2024
Key session by EASSH on "Providing evidence for funders/science policymakers: How to balance societal, research and policy needs".
EASSH data analysis to inform policymakers
On 5 February 2024, EASSH hosted a webinar to present two recently published reports on R&I for a fair green transition and R&I for a fair digital transition. These reports were an opportunity for EASSH to inform policymakers of emerging research trends.
Webinar – Research and Innovation for a Fair Green and Digital transition
The webinar will present two new reports, delivered and coordinated by EASSH. They present a policy analysis of the funding allocated to SSH in Horizon 2020, in particular, in the field of labour, the labour market and labour relations.